ImageWorks Studio
ImageWorks Studio
1020 Prospect Street Suite 250
La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: (703) 378-0000
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ImageWorks is a custom web design firm and online marketing agency. We specialize in corporate branding and online marketing services.
What do we do?
--We rejuvenate and/or build your brand image. Our mission is to significantly enhance your brand equity through both online and offline “best in class” media.
--We help you raise awareness and drive in new customers through our corporate online marketing strategies.

As a full service branding agency and web marketing firm, our focus is on your online reputation. Your web design is essential to your online image because:
--Over 89% of all customers will visit your site before making a "buying decision" and form an opinion about your company’s brand.
--Your website has 5 seconds to build value, trust and credibility. This is not a job for your in-house personnel, a graphic design firm or even a website design company. It takes an integrated marketing approach combining the best in graphic design, creative talent, marketing experts, and web developers.

Who are our clients?
Our clients are corporations of all sizes. Most are small and medium sized businesses; however we have done work for numerous large companies such as Marriot, GTE, Lockheed Martin, Network Solutions, Perot System as well as various Associations and Government Agencies. Being a small business we really enjoy working with other small businesses that see the value in investing in branding and online marketing services that will substantially improve brand equity and bottom line revenue.

Company Overview

ImageWorks Studio was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur and marketing expert Scott C. Margenau. We are positioned to provide small and medium organizations with best in class branding, marketing and creative services, without the large agency price tag.

Today, ImageWorks is an award winning agency that uses in-house creative and technical talent as well as hand-picked vendors to offer full-service marketing and branding services to small, medium and large enterprises, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our design and marketing services include:

-Brand development/re-branding
-Marketing and sales strategies
-Web design and development
-Online marketing
-Persuasive copy writing
-Interactive presentations and media
-Graphic design, illustrations and 3-D modeling
-Logos and corporate identity
-Exhibit design, hardware and management
-Advertising campaigns
-Direct mail campaigns

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